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We are a growing Jewish community in Columbus Georgia. Our congregation presently includes  families and single households ranging from retired through young families and young adults.


We are an active community committed to building a Jewish congregation that is welcoming to individuals and families of all backgrounds including full time locals and visitors who are here for just a short time.


Within a supportive environment we seek to provide opportunities for Jewish learning, spiritual development, meaningful Shabbat, holiday services, mutual support and social activities.  Most importantly, Congregation Shearith Israel seeks to provide the opportunity for every Jewish person, family and extended


family to BELONG to our community, so that they may connect with other Jews, regardless of the amount of time they spend in services.


We also recognize that diversity is inherent in our Jewish tradition and diversity is welcomed at Congregation Shearith Israel which strives to integrate traditional as well as contemporary Jewish and American traditions.

We feel that this strengthens our community.  For those of a previous generation  who were turned off or were never turned on by their Jewish experiences; for a generation seeking to create a vibrant Jewish life for themselves and for the next generation of young Jews growing up in the 21st century, Shearith Israel hopes to provide an intergenerational place, a home for you, in this Jewish community.


Although we have been around since 1891, we have come a long way.  To the left, you can see our first Orthodox Synagogue (Shule); next to it is the building we moved to in 1950 and sold in 2007.  

In 2014 we moved into our current location on River Road and we look forward to welcoming you there soon.

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